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There are two offices of leadership in Christ’s church that men may hold: pastor/elder and deacon. For a full treatise on these offices, we would recommend Alexander Strauch’s excellent books, Biblical Eldership and The New Testament Deacon.

For a detailed view of what we believe about pastors/elders and deacons, please see our doctrinal positions. To summarize though, we are neither a congregational-rule church, nor a one-man-rule church.

The biblical pattern is for a local church to be led by a group of elders. Each man will have different giftings and different callings. Some may earn their living from the gospel, while others may hold secular employment. Each elder, though, is to serve faithfully as an under-shepherd of the flock, accountable to the Chief Shepherd.



Kent is the preaching elder at Grace Bible Fellowship Church. Kent also oversees leadership development, the music ministry, and the worship service.

Kent attended Reformed Theological Seminary from 2000-2004. Kent has pastored at TurningPoint Community Church and Riverbend Community Church, both in Florida, and First Baptist Church in Langdon, ND before coming here to GBFC in Melissa, TX.

Kent married his lovely wife, Hilari, in December of 2000 and they have four daughters.



Lyndon has been an elder at Grace Bible Fellowship Church since 2003. Lyndon oversees Grace Biblical Counseling Ministry a ministry of GBFC as well as small groups.

Lyndon has a Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling and is a certified counselor with ACBC. Prior to pastoring at GBFC, Lyndon pastored at Grace Bible Church in east Texas.

Lyndon has been married to Tammy since 1984, has 5 boys and 11 grandchildren.



Mark has served as an elder at Grace Bible Fellowship Church since 2011. Mark is primarily responsible for education, missions, evangelism, and senior adult ministries 

Mark has completed 18 credit hours of Old and New Testament and Theology studies. He has also completed both Track 1 and 2 of the Association of Certified Biblical Counseling courses and has been formally counseling for 7 years. Mark has retired from his secular career of 32 years. 

Mark has been married since August 1980 to his amazing and lovely wife Sandra. They have one daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.



Bilal has served as an elder at Grace bible Fellowship Church since 2013.

Bilal is married to his lovely wife, Adrienne, and they have two daughters.

Bilal is currently inactive as an elder due to prolonged health issues. Please keep Bilal in your prayers that God would bring full healing and recovery.


The duty of Deacons is to assist the Elders through benevolence, stewardship responsibilities over all church properties, exercising oversight of financial matters of the church, and providing oversight of all items relating to logistical aspects of church services.


Jeff Christoffel – Deacon


Larry Higby – Deacon


Andrew Palmer – Deacon Candidate


Steven Spurgers – Deacon Candidate



Marilyn Morrow – Administrative Assistant


Elizabeth Palmer – Administrative Assistant