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Sunday for Kids & Students

We use a curriculum called “Generations of Grace” for children ages three to ten. The lesson components are:

  • Biblically Driven—focusing on the Scriptures as our sole source of authority and truth for daily growth in life and godliness.
  • God-Centered—magnifying God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture.
  • Christ Exalting—glorifying Christ as the pinnacle of God’s redemptive plan.
  • Gospel Saturated—pointing children to Christ as the only way of salvation.
  • Family Focused—uniting the family around the same passage of Scripture each Sunday and throughout the week.

We can better understand who God is and how we are to respond to Him by studying His redemptive plan and the various aspects of theology that point to Him and our need for salvation.



While children are always welcome in the worship service or with their parents in Adult Sunday School, our nursery exists to serve parents and children.

We serve parents by providing excellent childcare during ministry events so that parents can devote their entire attention to worship.

We serve children by providing a safe and enjoyable environment where Christ and His Word are exalted.

Please let us know how we may better serve you and your child during his stay in the nursery.



Kindergarten through 2nd grade class is led through the narrative of Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation outlining God’s redemptive plan.

During Sunday School, through storytelling, Bible reading, and crafts our children interact and learn more about Jesus and the Bible.



Our 3rd through 5th grade class is led through the narrative of Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation outlining God’s redemptive plan.

The children learn about God’s Word through teaching, Bible reading, and various activities.



Youth Ministry 

Middle School (6th-8th grade)

Our Middle School Class is lead through a study to grow their understanding of Biblical truths while growing in personal obedience and service.  

Many topics are covered in an interactive format including God’s character, the Work of Christ, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, God’s Will, Prayer and The Church.  


We are currently studying the reliability of God’s Word, how to study God’s Word, and how to grow in Christ-likeness.  

We want our youth to be able to read, study, and apply God’s Word. The lessons are Christ-centered and engage the youth in their everyday life. 

We want our students to know God and recognize His presence and importance in every area of their life.