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Post Category: Temptation and Sin

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Temptation Is a Mirage Moment

Life is full of temptation. We have choices to make each day, choices that are aimed at either serving God as king or serving ourselves as king. We're called to "walk in a manner worthy of the calling," (Eph. 4:1), "in step with the truth of the gospel" (Gal. 2:14), yet each day we're plagued by "deceitful desires" (Eph. 4:22) that lead us down "a way that seems rightbut i...

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Future Gazing to Fight Temptation


You and I live in a society where instant gratification is not only desired, but also demanded. We want what we want when we want it. And with constant advances in technology, in lots of cases those desires of the momentcanbe instantly fulfilled. Want news? There are plenty of apps for that. Something to eat? Just hit up a quick-service restaurant. Need to do some online s...

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