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Archives for January 2016

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Leading Your Family in the Way of Christ


The issue of marital roles for husbands and wives can be a challenging topic. The Bible has much to say on these matters, and recently in our counseling training we've spent two hours studying what God has prescribed in His Word. But even armed with what Scripture says, there can sometimes be a disconnect in our homes when it comes to practically applying Scripture's teach...

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The Serpent’s Schemes in Marriage


At the time this article is being published, we have just kicked off our counseling training classes on the topic of marriage. We have looked and marveled at God's good design for marriage, and will spend more time doing so in the weeks to come. My preparation for these classes has been a refreshing reminder of the beauty of marriage. But as a sinner with a bent toward wa...

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A Life Fulfilled, Regardless of Marital Status


For as long as I can remember I've had two strong desires in life, two things I wanted to do before death even if I did nothing else: 1) get married, and 2) have children. These were the top two items on my bucket list. I've never had grand career ambitions, or a passion for "seeing the world," but I have always wanted to be a husband and dad. When we have strong desires,...

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Starting Soon: Block 3 of Counseling Training

Next week we kick off the second half of ourbiblical counseling trainingcourse. Block 3 covers the important subject of marriage. Following that, beginning in mid-March, block 4 will cover the subject of parenting and wrap up our four-block training course. Here is what the schedule for block 3 looks like: January 13God's Design for Marriage January 20Roles of the Husba...

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