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Archives for March 2013

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Deciphering Scripture’s True Content

This is the third post in a series titled "Properly Interpreting the Scriptures." Read thefirstandsecondposts. After first seeing the need to evaluate a passage's context, the second principle of biblical interpretation we're going to look at is the importance of understanding the meaning of words used. This has to do with the true content of words. Gordon Fee writes, "Co...

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Understanding the Context of Scripture

This is the second post in a series titled "Properly Interpreting the Scriptures." Read thefirst post. The first principle we must understand when interpreting Scripture is the context of the passage, or you could say understanding the passage's place in the Bible. Everything that is said or done has some form of context. We speak words within the context of a sentence. E...

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Properly Interpreting the Scriptures

How many times have you spoken to a friend using a passage of Scripture only to find out later that its true meaning was different than the way you presented it? Such an occurrence should lead us to ask several questions: Why did this happen? How can we guard against this? Can we ever be sure of the meaning of a particular passage? Are we willing to do the work to ensure i...

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