Join us sundays at 10:00AM

Grace Biblical Counseling Ministries provides biblical counseling services to those seeking God’s answers to the questions and problems of life. We believe that Scripture is the inspired and infallible word of God and is therefore authoritative and useful in all issues of life. We offer free biblical counseling sessions to those in need, as well as counseling training for individuals who desire to learn more about using the Bible to counsel others.

All of our counselors are either already members of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors or at a minimum have completed some portion of the certification process. Currently, counseling sessions are scheduled on Thursday evenings. Occasionally, due to high demand for biblical counseling, we find that all of our counselors are completely booked and we have to place potential counselees on a wait-list.

If you have any questions about Grace Biblical Counseling Ministries, you may contact us by emailing, or calling 469.840.4105.